Chemotherapy drugs have high toxicity and damage normal growing cells and tumor cells. Side effects of such medicines can be acute (resulting simultaneously with the therapy), intermediate (occurring after a few weeks), or late (occurring after months or years). Yes, One can give Ayurveda treatment to patients suffering from chemo-radiotherapy-related side effects. It may help relieve the results of the adverse reactions induced by the chemo-radiotherapy given for cancer treatment.

The chemotherapy targeted therapy, radiotherapy, and surgery can decrease the number of red cells in the blood. These cells carry oxygen throughout the body. If red blood cells are low, you may be tired and breathless.

The chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and some targeted treatments can cause a sore mouth. Or, you may get ulcers. Generally, oral mucositis is more common. It refers to redness and ulcerative lesions of the oral mucosa observed when cancer patients are treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Mucositis is a highly notable and sometimes dose-limiting side effect of cancer therapy.

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapies, and hormonal therapies can make you lose one’s appetite. You might not feel like eating. Or one might feel very sick or too tired to eat.

Peripheral neuropathy is a common chemotherapy side effect. Peripheral neuropathy involves a nerve disorder that can cause weakness, numbness, tingling, and ache. Although researchers are continually working to refine treatments for cancer, therapies to treat the disease can still have side effects. Special precaution has to be taken when these side effects occur. Consult an experienced doctor for faster relief.

The chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, targeted therapies, and hormonal therapies can all cause you to feel very tired. It’s often worse towards the treatment end and for some weeks or months later.
A. One should try to pace oneself and get as much rest as possible.
B. Balance rest with some easy exercise, such as short walks.
C. If you feel sleepy, don’t drive or operate machinery.
In case of Loss of Bone Density in Cancer Patients

The cancer patients often experience osteoporosis resulting from accelerated loss of bone mineral density (BMD) caused by the treatment. Such bone loss greatly increases the risk of fractures and can have other severe effects on quality of life(QoL): bone loss and fracture risk related to cancer therapy.

Loss of Bone Density in Cancer Patients
Cancer patients often experience osteoporosis resulting from accelerated loss of bone mineral density (BMD) caused by their treatment. Such bone loss greatly increases the risk for fracture and can have other serious effects on quality of life. Bone loss and fracture risk associated with cancer therapy.

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  • inhibiting drug-metabolizing enzymes,
  • stimulating gut amino acid transporters for absorption,
  • inhibiting cell pump responsible for drug elimination from cells,
  • inhibiting intestinal production of glucuronic acid,
  • effective on GIT mucous membrane and
  • regulates intestinal function to facilitate absorption.
    Cancer patients and immunocompromised patients can use Immunokris. This immune booster can replenish the lost immunity in patients with compromised immunity.