Immunity Booster Medicine


Hi, This site is Immunokris.

Immunokris, an immune booster, specifically is a traditional Indian system of medicine and promotes several herbs, roots, and spices that helps and is effective for boosting the immune system, naturally.

Immunokris, an immune booster ayurvedic medicine, comprise a total of 13 ingredients which are well known herbs. It specifically contains the Piperine and this enhances the bioavailability of the different herbs ranging from 30% to 200%. It boosts the Curcumin bioavailability by almost 10 folds.

All the 13 ingredients in Immunokris acts as an immunity booster for you. Immunokris is considered as the best immune booster to improve immunity. This is the ayurvedic immunity booster of staying healthy as well as fit without having any fear of getting any kind of allergy.

  • The first and only Ayurvedic medicine comprised a total of 13 ingredients.
  • Immunokris helps in boosting the immune system for improved Quality of Life (QoL).
  • Immunokris is traditional Indian holistic medicine, uses plant-derived products for boosting the immunity.
  • Immunokris helps in protecting against cancer treatment-related side effects.

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